Leaked memos prove Google is a massive criminal enterprise engaged in felony election meddling and racketeering

A bombshell series of leaked internal memos from Google reveals that the search engine is engaged in a massive criminal enterprise that may be prosecuted for engaging in “criminal racketeering.” The Daily Caller has acquired these internal memos which describe the manual process whereby Google selectively de-lists news websites that focus on conservative content, natural health and vaccine awareness information, among other topics. Once websites are targeted by Google for being blacklisted, virtually none of their pages appear in any search results whatsoever. (Natural News was almost completely blacklisted beginning in June of 2017.)

“Google does manipulate its search results manually, contrary to the company’s official denials, documents obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller indicate,” reports The Daily Caller. The DC describes Google’s ultra-secret “XPA news blacklist” being maintained by “Google’s Trust & Safety team,” which carries out the politically-motivated censorship and blacklisting actions to silence news sites that Google wants to suppress.

These memos reveal a shocking criminal enterprise being run inside Google, carrying out felony election meddling crimes and actions that qualify as “racketeering” under the RICO Act. Named as co-conspirators in this criminal enterprise are some of Google’s top engineers, including Paul Haahr (@haahr on Twitter) and Pandu Nayak.

Paul Haahr is explicitly responsible for censoring Natural News and other natural health websites, as he heads up the censorship efforts to target so-called “science / medical denial” and “conspiracy theories.” Ironically, Paul Haahr it himself carrying out a conspiracy to silence the truth about medicine, vaccines, cancer cures and natural health, yet part of his job is to censor “conspiracy theories.” Perhaps he tells himself, “There are no conspiracies… except the ones I’m running!”

You can see his Linkedin page at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paulhaahr (in case you’ve always wondered what the bio of an actual Joseph Goebbels-class criminal-minded propagandist looks like).

Here’s a photo of Paul Haahr and Matt Cutts, both long-time Google engineers who many have accused of being NSA spooks that turned Google into a surveillance front for the intelligence deep state (NSA). See this article, “Google and the NSA: Who’s holding the ‘sh#t-bag’ now?” by Julian Assange. These guys sure look happy for being so incredibly evil and deceptive. This is what pure evil looks like:

From the comment section of that article:

Google has long been closely enmeshed with the US intelligence agencies. Dr. Rick Steinheiser in the Office of Research and Development at the CIA and Matt Cutts of the NSA, to name a few, are employed by Google in high-level positions. Google Earth and Google Maps software came from Keyhole, Inc., which was funded by the CIA via In-Q-Tel. As well, Google has been helping the Chinese government in censoring the internet in that country.

“Disappearing” news websites the spooks at Google don’t want you to read

“The purpose of the blacklist will be to bar the sites from surfacing in any Search feature or news product,” says the memo, reported by The Daily Caller. Sites targeted in this way receive virtually no presence on Google and are punitively banned from top news, videos, sidebars and other search elements. Importantly, website are manually added to the XPA news blacklist by people like Paul Haahr, an un-elected techno-fascist who operates with zero accountability, transparency or ethics.

“This document, which describes the process by which a site can be blacklisted for deceptive news, clearly shows that there is a manual component,” reports The Daily Caller. Banned news websites are added to a text file used by the Google search engine to determine which domains get banned. That text file is named:


It’s not difficult to figure out that “deceptive” news websites, as decided by Google, are news websites which support President Trump, the United States Constitution, natural healing, awareness about vaccine dangers, geoengineering, the dangers of GMOs, opposition to globalism or any other topic that Google decides it opposes.

The Daily Caller’s investigation names several websites which are explicitly banned, and there’s little doubt that NaturalNews.com is also found on this list. Other sites on the list include TheGatewayPundit.com, TeaPartyEconomist.com and the Conservative Tribune.

It’s time to demand a criminal investigation into Google, Twitter, Facebook and all the other tech giants

It’s time for the United States Dept. of Justice to launch criminal investigations into the tech giants for their ongoing election meddling, racketeering and systemic violation of human rights of the American people. What Google is doing is not merely fraudulent and monopolistic; it’s also a criminal act to lie to Congress and claim they aren’t doing these things at all.

Also read this article from All News Pipeline: It’s Time For The FEDS To Charge Twitter, Facebook, Google And YouTube With Election Meddling And Racketeering As ‘Big Tech’ Purge Of Conservatives Continues Ahead Of 2020 Election. That article correctly states:

‘[B]ig tech’ and ‘totalitarian government’ will continue online censorship until either: a) They regain control of the US in 2020 and then the REAL government BRUTALITY against its citizens begins or b) They are held accountable by POTUS and US Congress for attempting to steal the 2020 elections for the demonrat party.

The leaders of all these tech companies need to be criminally indicted and prosecuted. It’s time to end the fascism and defeat the tech giants like we defeated the Third Reich. Evil spooks like Paul Haahr and Matt Cutts belong in prison, not in charge of the public’s access to human knowledge. The destructive effects of their insidious actions make Adolf Hitler’s book burning campaigns look like child’s play.

You are witnessing real crimes against humanity being carried out daily by Google’s engineers. They are enemies of humanity and destroyers of human knowledge. And they are causing more damage and destruction to human civilization than any government, corporation or regime could have ever imagined possible.

Listen to my banned podcast for a more detailed explanation, then call your U.S. representatives and demand a criminal investigation into Google, Twitter, and Facebook. The Capitol switchboard number is: 202-224-3121. Call now and ask to be connected with each office for your Senators and House Representative.

It’s time to end Google’s techno-fascism and seek criminal indictments for those who have waged this war on human knowledge, human dignity, liberty and Democracy.

Read more at TechGiants.news or EvilGoogle.news.

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