Deranged anti-Trumpers now pushing for “show trials” to criminalize, imprison all Trump supporters across America

Icons of the so-called #NeverTrump “resistance” are growing increasingly unhinged as Trump Derangement Syndrome continues to rob them of their ability to think and act rationally.

There is nothing that these people wouldn’t do to depose the president – one way or the other – and they regularly dog whistle that sentiment to their equally deranged supporters. But now two of them – “conservative” Bill Kristol and anti-Putin Russian chess master Garry Kasparov – have begun fantasizing openly about holding ‘show trials’ for all of POTUS Trump’s supporters before throwing them in prison (or worse).

“Those who stand against Trump will move on to many different things when he’s gone, but those who still support him should never be forgotten or forgiven,” he recently tweeted.

His tweet became semi-viral; it got about 10,000 retweets and 34,000 likes, Information Liberation reported.

But Kasparov wasn’t through. In a follow-up tweet that received far less attention, he wrote, “I’m not talking about functionaries attempting to keep the government working despite Trump, but people of influence who know exactly what he is, and enable him for their own gain.”

Mind you, Kasparov’s outrage was nowhere to be found when it was Barack Obama corrupting and politicizing our governing institutions, especially the Justice Department and the FBI. No, he only has rage for Trump (despite the fact that in reality, Trump is being far harder on Putin than Hillary would have been or Obama was).

When a Twitter user asked him what he meant by “never should be forgiven,” Kasparov expounded.

“Forgiving a crime or threat that is still clear and present and invites further offense,” he wrote. “I’ll leave forgiveness to the next generation, when the threat is gone.”

Kasparov, the little Twitter revolutionary, wasn’t done. The following day he doubled down on his wanderlust for wanting to make Trump supporters ‘pay’ for electing him. (Related: New report from UC-Berkeley blames LEFT-wing violence on — wait for it — conservatives.)

“People should know that their choices come with a price. Feel empathy if you can, but don’t act from pity because we know such people don’t have any for us when they have power,” he claimed.

The Left is who threatens democracy, not POTUS Trump

That is particularly rich, considering that the American Left which this man obviously supports is the faction without any “empathy” for their political opponents, as evidenced by all of the actual violence visited upon Trump supporters at every opportunity.

And: “Working with demagogues and autocrats is like working with cancer. You cut it out. These aren’t political differences, it’s deciding if we’re going to have politics at all,” he continued.

Again, it’s the Left that harbors and uses violence to quell political differences. The Left is where we see the demagogues (Obama being D-gogue #1). The Left is where politics ends and violence begins.

Then there’s Kristol. He tweeted this gem late last month:

Ran into a long time friendly acquaintance at the cleaners. He (for somewhat understandable institutional reasons) is very much on the Trump train. He jokingly asked if I’d be a character witness for him at the Vichy trials after this is all over. Seemed shocked when I said no.

Kristol’s answer shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows him. He’s bitter. He’s angry. It’s tough being a #NeverTrump RINO and completely shut out of the first Republican majority government in nearly a decade.

But to accept the premise of his ‘friend’ – that Trump supporters should be subjected to show trials like those held for Nazi sympathizers in France during World War II – is wrong from the outset.

Trump supporters aren’t the Nazis here; the Left, with its Brown Shirt tactics of political violence and intimidation, harken back to Hitler’s Nazi regime.

If we think the #NeverTrump faction has been violent thus far, just wait to see what happens if Republicans hold all of Congress and POTUS Trump gets reelected in 2020. The derangement will lead to social chaos.

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