09/27/2016 / By JD Heyes

The economic situation under socialist policies in Venezuela continues to deteriorate, with scores of citizens in the cash-strapped South American

08/29/2016 / By Mary Wilder

At this point, it’s pretty well documented how all of the poorest, most dangerous and generally least appealing cities in

08/26/2016 / By D. Samuelson

Brandon Smith is a writer, a student of history and the originator of the Alternative Market Project which, as reported by The Daily

08/22/2016 / By Mary Wilder

A new study created by the CATO Institute ranks all 50 states by how free they are in regards to

08/10/2016 / By Mary Wilder

If you want to feel truly free, living off-the-grid is a smart decision. Not having to rely on the outside

08/03/2016 / By Mary Wilder

With each passing day, it seems as though we’re creeping closer and closer to the end of the world. The

07/20/2016 / By Mary Wilder

The world is already in shambles and its inhabitants seem determined to destroy it completely. Whether it be by harming each

02/05/2016 / By usafeaturesmedia

( The principle of free markets adopted by our founding fathers enabled the United States to become the economic powerhouse that

11/13/2015 / By libertynews

According to a Gallup poll released Friday, at least 75% of Americans perceive corruption to be widespread in the country’s

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