Baseless attack: The North Carolina state bar has taken steps to sue the nation’s leading vaccine rights attorney

There’s no doubt that the issue of vaccination is a truly loaded one, with people who have very strong opinions on both sides of the argument. Irrespective of whether they are strongly in favor of or vehemently opposed to the idea of vaccines, however, most people would agree that they would like the right to choose for themselves whether or not to vaccinate their families. A legal witch hunt which is threatening this freedom in North Carolina should therefore be of concern to every American citizen.

As reported by Green Med Info, the North Carolina State Bar – the institution responsible for the licensing of attorneys in that state – has filed a lawsuit against Alan Phillips, one of the country’s foremost vaccine rights attorneys, in an attempt to compel him to release client files dating back several years. Should Phillips refuse to comply, he risks jail time for civil contempt.

Legal witch hunt in the 21st century

As noted by the website, Phillips’ practice is the only one in the country which is solely focused on vaccine exemptions and legislative activism. He is a nationally recognized expert on vaccine law and policy, and assists legislators, activists, clients and other attorneys countrywide with legal matters related to vaccinations required at birth and at other milestones during childhood, as well as other vaccine issues related to employment and so on. (Related: North Carolina State Bar targets vaccine rights attorney with unprecedented bullying lawsuit.)

It is hardly surprising that the State Bar is pursuing Phillips, since North Carolina is known as “Vaccine Central,” with several companies based there winning awards for “accomplishments” in the vaccine industry.

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It would seem that the aim is to get Phillips disbarred for his work in assisting his clients to legally avoid vaccines with all their side effects and long-term risks. As Green Med Info warns, this is not an attack on a single individual, but on the “entire vaccine awareness movement.” Furthermore, it is a baseless attack:

The NC Bar’s lawsuit and underlying investigation are both unlawful for several reasons, according to Phillips. First, the Bar lacks the legally-required “allegation of misconduct.” …

There is also a blatant conflict of interest, Phillips points out, as he filed a good-faith complaint against State Bar attorneys for their fabrication of facts and law in a February 2017 “Letter of Warning” to Phillips. NC Bar attorneys can’t lawfully investigate Phillips while Phillips has an unresolved complaint open against Bar attorneys; both matters must be addressed by outside, independent people to avoid the obvious conflicts of interest. But the NC Bar is ignoring that conflict; it is suppressing Phillips’ complaint against Bar attorneys, and aggressively pursuing Phillips.

Phillips has the support of other attorneys and witnesses for his claim that NC Bar officials fabricate facts and have used these fabrications to get other attorneys disbarred. Other associations around the country have also filed complaints against the NC Bar in recent months, although the association is doing its best to suppress and hide this fact. (Related: North Carolina to deny children an education if they don’t submit to dangerous vaccine shots.)

Phillips also asserts that the Bar’s demand for his clients’ files is nothing more than a “fishing expedition,” and is not based on any concrete evidence of wrongdoing.

Any who wish to speak out against this unlawful action can sign the petition.

Please be sure to circulate this article among those in the vaccine awareness community, and if you wish to make a contribution to Phillips’ legal defense you can do so at his Go Fund Me page.

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