Red List News: Gender-neutral Bible, RF trackers, SCOTUS updates

A new Bible is up in the works, developments in radio frequency (RF) detection, and updated on the Supreme Court pick – in today’s Red List News, James White talks about the latest issues that the legacy media may not deliver.

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Plans for a “gender-neutral” Bible in the works

The Episcopal Church in Austin, Texas is looking to revamp the Bible, stating that the current version uses “masculine language” overwhelmingly and that God is depicted using too many “masculine nouns, pronouns or imagery.”

In an article in the Daily Star, the clergy, which is composed of several transgender members, says that it’s wrong to claim that God is a man.

The decision, which was brought to a head after a four-hour meeting, was the result of efforts to revise the Bible which started in 2015. On the church’s website, it indicates that initial efforts to revise the Bible will start in the next three years, with the finished product – called the “Book of Common Prayer” – will be published in 2030. Currently, six experts from the congregation have been selected to guide the clergy with the revision process. Proponents of the idea say that addressing God as masculine is a human construct.

Not everyone is on board with the idea, however. Other members of the church have protested, saying that the undertaking is not only expensive, but it will take up much of the pastor’s time.

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Smart “RF” tracker 

Researchers and students from the Massachusets Institue of Technology (MIT) have made it possible to track people as they move around using an intelligent radar-like technology. The technology, which the team called RF-Pose, can even tell whether a person is sitting down, standing, or walking – even through walls.

In a statement, developers have said that the technology, once it’s improved, could be applied in a number of ways. Initial tests have revealed success rates of 83 percent, which could be beneficial for healthcare, as well as law enforcement and search and rescue.

However, this also raises concerns over privacy. In an article in NBC News MACH, Ginés Hidalgo, a research associate University in Pittsburgh who wasn’t involved in the project, discussed that while it currently has limitations, once it breaks through it, then it could be possible to monitor a person without him ever knowing it.

“So any modicum of privacy we thought we may have had left is going to be eviscerated here very soon,” White adds in his newscast.

Boy #8 rescued in Thailand

At least two-thirds of the Wild Boars football team that was stuck in a flooded cave complex in northern Thailand have been rescued so far, leaving just four teammates and their coach stuck underground. In their official Facebook page, Thai Navy SEALs confirmed that they have rescued eight boys so far in two days and that they only needed three more days to free everyone who in the caves.

The four children, who have not been identified, were still wearing their full-face diving oxygen masks as they were carried out on stretchers and airlifted to Chiang Rai Pranukroh Hospital, where they will join the first group that was rescued Sunday.

For their evacuation, the children are instructed to pull themselves along the guide rope while being assisted by a lead diver through jagged tunnels and a narrow “choke spot” – an area where the tunnel bends up before they sloping down.

President Trump to decide on Supreme Court pick

According to the News-Gazette, President’s Trump pick has the power to “change the game.” In the article, experts weigh on the implications of the new Supreme Court justice, as well as who can have a smooth path to confirmation by the GOP-controlled Senate.

For White, this has been a sore issue for the Left – one that they have repeatedly cried about. “But you know what, this is what happens when you lose an election,” he explains. (Related: Journo-terrorism: NYT calls for mafia tactics — including murder and car bombings — to halt Trump’s Supreme Court pick.)

“Let’s just hope and pray that President Trump puts in a justice that follows the Constitution.”

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