Not okay: Californian HOA orders marine’s wife to remove American flag from her own property

Homeowners associations are, to put it bluntly, completely over the top and ridiculous. Instead of allowing United States citizens to decorate their property however they desire, these groups regulate every minute detail. Everything from which cars can be parked in your driveway to what direction the grass must be cut is put under a microscope. While this is definitely a ridiculous crossing of boundaries, few things are more upsetting than what recently happened with a homeowners’ association in San Diego, California.

Unsurprisingly, one of the most left-leaning states in the union doesn’t seem to appreciate the American flag or the United States military, as was proven when a local HOA demanded that Heather Valenti, the wife of a Camp Pendleton Marine, take down the American flag she had flying in her front yard. No, this isn’t a satire piece; the homeowners’ association in question clearly doesn’t appreciate the dangerous nature of combat, nor the sacrifice that our servicemen make in order to keep our country free.

Jeffrey Rodack of Newsman reports that Valenti recently moved into the Oceanside condo in April with her husband Steven, who is stationed nearby, at Camp Pendleton. He writes, “But just days ago, she received a notice from her homeowners’ association telling her the flag was in violation of community rules, which ban property in common areas. She was ordered to take it down immediately or risk ‘further action’ from the association.”

This is simply not okay. Homeowners’ associations, in general, are frustrating, but this one takes the cake. They are overstepping boundaries that should never be overstepped. It goes far beyond normal regulations to say that people, in America, are not allowed to display their patriotism by flying the flag of our country. This is completely unacceptable.

Instead of telling people that they are not allowed to have an American flag flying on their property, the HOA should be supporting those who want to support the American way of life. This kind of attitude is responsible for a number of problems that our country faces today. It has become far too common for people to reject traditional American values, one of the most important of which is patriotism. Because of this, normal aspects of American life have become “problematic,” and leftists now want them to be regulated by the federal government.

So it’s time to grab your flags, folks. Fly them high and support what makes us truly free — even if the cowards at various HOAs aren’t brave enough to accept it.



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