Mainstream media shocked to learn Trump supporters are extremely diverse

The arrogant elitism of the so-called “mainstream” media is as breathtaking as it is frustrating, but don’t expect it to change anytime soon because it is a club that only attracts and retains arrogant, frustrating people.

This hubris was demonstrated again very clearly by editors and reporters for the Los Angeles Times, who were stunned – stunned! to find an extremely diverse group of volunteers working to help Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump win the state of California.

As reported by Breitbart News, the Times paid a visit recently to Trump’s Long Beach campaign headquarters, in Southern California. Time’s writer Steve Lopez wrote, “It was as if the whole thing had been staged, in Cambodia Town, no less, to belie the notion that Trump’s appeal is largely limited to older white males,” one narrative the mainstream media and Democratic rival Hillary Clinton have been pushing for months.

In Long Beach, a very diverse city, the same ethnic mix was present in Trump’s supporters working at his Long Beach HQ. For his piece, Lopez talked to a woman and millennials of Filipino descent, a Jewish man and a Mexican-American. He also wrote that he saw the “names of volunteers from the African-American, Hispanic and Asian communities” written on blackboards. Also, he said “two middle-aged white people [also] joined the party,” as cited by Brietbart News – which covered the grand opening of the HQ recently.

Throughout the grand opening there were hundreds of people milling about, many taking in a performance put on by dancers from the Khmer Arts Cultural Center. Known as a traditional Cambodian “blessing dance,” Lopez wrote that it was something he would have paid to see, Brietbart News reported.

Lopez also wrote that an unnamed Mexican-American volunteer for Trump said that “there are too many illegals” in California who “dirty up the place and…take jobs and do things they shouldn’t” – a statement that most likely caught the Times reporter completely by surprise.

The unnamed Mexican-American, once he found out that Lopez was a reporter for the Times, exclaimed that “the only thing” the paper “is any good for is to wrap fish in it,” then walked away.

A white male Trump supporter also on hand told the Times that though at one point in the current campaign cycle he “wanted to strangle” the eventual GOP nominee, he changed his mind after he saw that Trump “had received Christ.”

A Jewish man who is co-owner of the building where Trump located his HQ, Gary Fultheim, also reportedly said that one principle reason why he is supporting and voting for the New York billionaire real estate mogul is because he is certain that Trump will do a much better job protecting Israel from Iran than Clinton and Democrats.

But again, the larger issue is that none of this fits the arrogant mainstream media narrative that Trump’s appeal is limited to “angry white middle-aged guys” from Red States who hunt, hate minorities and gays, and want to run Muslims out of the country.

On a latter point, in fact, regarding LGBT Americans, Clinton is the more worrisome candidate. The Clinton family’s eponymous foundation has taken millions in donations from Islamic countries that jail and kill people for being gay.

Another narrative the mainstream media is conveniently forgetting.


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