Future crime is now real in Chicago: police are arresting people before they commit an offense

Like the plot of a science fiction novel, police in Chicago are now arresting people for crimes they have yet to commit. Yes, it is just as unbelievable and unconstitutional as it sounds on paper — but it’s actually happening, right here in America.

As reported by Zero Hedge, “The Chicago PD is using an algorithm in order to generate a list of people from police databases in order to figure out who to ‘target.’ Each individual on the list is provided a score based on arrests, shootings, affiliations with gangs, and other variables.”

The “Strategic Subject List” (SSL) predicts who is most likely to be shot — and who is mostly likely to do the shooting. Those that are added to the SSL are then informed that they are being monitored by the police. It’s such an Orwellian concept that it’s difficult to believe that it’s truly happening in real life — but police are actually using this information to arrest citizens that haven’t committed a crime.

There are numerous issues with this system and the thought process behind it, but perhaps the most disturbing element is that it seems as though the government now believes they can accurately predict the future. Given how historically awful the government is at nearly everything they try to involve themselves in, there’s little doubt that this is going to be an astronomical failure. If this policy stands, hundreds — if not thousands — of people are destined to be charged with crimes they were never going to commit. That’s absolute madness!

The police state is very real — and there’s a legitimate reason to be worried about the uncertain future. The government and their lapdogs are doing everything in their power to control the American people. Now they’re essentially trying to frame them for crimes. Things are getting completely out of control and it’s high time to be prepared for the inevitable blow-back.





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