Chicago: Man convienantly charged with murder after announcing police brutality lawsuit

Like something out of Making a Murderer, a man was charged with murder mere moments after announcing a $15 million lawsuit against the Chicago police officers who shot him seven times in a prior confrontation.

Just after the suspect, 25-year-old Dominiq Greer, informed a roomful of reporters that he had never even been accused of a violent crime, he found himself being charged with a murder that occurred just over a week prior. If there were ever a tragic turn of events, it’s that.

Greer, along with his lawyer, Eugene Hollander, had been holding a press conference regarding the lawsuit, which stems from an incident that occurred on July 4, 2014. Greer, while carrying a handgun, was approached by police. Scared of being arrested, Greer fled, and attempted to dispose of the handgun. As he threw it away, the gun discharged, and the police believed he was opening fire. In the ensuing chaos, Greer was shot seven times.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Greer and Hollander claimed that the shooting was unjustified because they “had no legal justification to shoot Greer” as “he posed no immediate threat to the officers.” It is a bit of a strange argument, considering Greer admits to doing a number of things that made him appear suspicious. That, combined with the gunshot that was caused by him irresponsibly tossing his weapon onto the ground, is what caused the officers to fire. Sadly, in 2016, nobody seems to think that police officers can be justified in protecting themselves – and others – with their weapons.

Of the police force, Greer stated, “When they kill somebody, they right back out on the streets doing whatever they do. If the next black man kill a black man, they got to go serve time.” Shortly thereafter, Greer was arrested for the shooting death of Kevin Larry. It’s almost as if he predicted his own future…


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