Missouri Legislature passes ‘constitutional carry;’ now, will its left-wing governor abide by the will of the people?

(Freedom.news) On the last day of its session, the Missouri Legislature, by wide margins, passed “constitutional carry” of firearms – that is, a measure that would lift the permitting requirement for the concealed carry of firearms. No more having to get permission from government to fully engage in their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Per the Washington Free Beacon:

The bill passed in a 114 to 36 vote in the House and a 24-8 vote in the Senate, with Republicans generally supporting the measure and Democrats generally opposing it. The vote came on the last day of Missouri’s legislative session and despite a last minute effort by gun control activists to pressure lawmakers against the move.

Now Gov. Jay Nixon (D.) will decide whether or not to sign the measure into law.

If Nixon – who has Leftist tendencies (like, he’s been wanting to expand Medicaid under Obamacare since forever) – signs the measure, Missourians who qualify would be able carry a concealed firearm without having to first obtain an additional permit. Also, the measure extends “castle doctrine” protections to house guests and remove current requirements that someone in a public place retreat before using deadly force to protect themselves from an attacker they think is reasonably threatening their life.

Gun rights advocates quickly called on the governor to affix his signature to the measure.

“With Governor Nixon’s signature, Missourians will have several options when it comes to protecting their families and homes,” Lars Dalseide, an NRA spokesman, told the Washington Free Beacon. “Hopefully the governor won’t buckle when the Bloomberg gun control machine makes him decide between political capital and the safety of his constituents.”

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Nixon has not yet announced whether he will sign or veto the bill, but other Missouri Democrats have harshly criticized the legislation, as is their custom.

“Senate Bill 656 is embarrassing and dangerous,” St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay, a Democrat and member of Everytown for Gun Safety, said in a statement before the vote. “The Missouri Legislature has abandoned this state. It is more concerned about the endorsement of the NRA than the safety of its citizens.”

As usual Democrats get it exactly wrong when it comes to firearms and self-defense. First and foremost, law-abiding citizens should never have to ask government’s permission to engage in a constitutional right (how many Democrats think press and media outlets should be licensed?). Secondly, public safety is greatly enhanced by an armed populace ready and willing to stand up and protect itself from threats.

One good thing for Missourians: If Nixon does decide to veto the legislation and the original vote count holds, the legislature would be able to override his veto. The WFB further reported that Nixon’s office said the bill will be delivered by the end of May, and that he has until mid-July to act on it.

Other states that have enacted constitutional carry are Alaska, Arizona, Idaho (residents only), Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming (residents only).


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