Texas elector Suprun: You’re not a noble hero, you’re a disgrace

Tuesday, December 06, 2016 by

(Freedom.news) In case you haven’t heard, a man by the name of Christopher Suprun, a chosen and (once-trusted) elector for the state of Texas, has announced that he will not do his duty and cast his ballot for the presidential candidate who won, constitutionally, fair and square: Donald J. Trump.

Writing in The New York Times – which no doubt was delighted to publish his column – Suprun tried to make the same case that Hillary Clinton and every Democratic operative tried unsuccessfully to make, time and again, throughout the campaign: That Trump is somehow unqualified to be president of the United States, so, therefore, Suprun does not feel obligated to cast his electoral college ballot for the candidate who overwhelmingly won the state of Texas.

Memo to Suprun and the rest of the haters: Enough Americans in enough states to satisfy the constitutional requirement for electing a president do not agree with you.  

In his column, Suprun spends several hundred words to essentially assuage his own conscience and talk himself into believing he is doing the right thing. He pisses and moans about Trump’s alleged demagoguery, then engages in demagoguery to criticize Trump. He decries Trump’s lack of experience in foreign policy, but conveniently leaves out any mention of the fact that his opponent left a Mideast in flames and a world on the edge. He cites Trump for “accepting money from foreign sources” (via his businesses, which he has since turned over to his children). He tried to imply that Alexander Hamilton would never choose a candidate like Trump. He makes wild accusations about Trump’s past business dealings without offering a shred of proof (and without similarly mentioning all the cash the Clintons solicited from foreign countries via their “charitable” foundation). He impugns Trump’s Cabinet picks as too extreme and somehow unqualified (while giving the extremists that Obama has picked and Clinton would have picked a complete pass). He implies that “love of country” and his children demand he cast a ballot for someone not named Trump, to keep both “safe.” He complains that it is Trump who is “driving a wedge through” our country, will ignoring the very purposeful, bought-and-paid-for violence fomented and spread by Left-wing extremist supporters of Clinton.

Perhaps worst of all, he is disingenuous with the reader, for he says nothing at all about who he will cast his ballot for. If he votes for Clinton, he will be casting a ballot for someone who, after 30 years in politics, became one of the most controversial, criminally investigated presidential candidates in the history of our country.

Mr. Suprun, your years of service as a firefighter to your community and during the 9/11 attacks are laudable. But how dare you try to use that and other excuses about Trump to violate the trust placed in you by the citizens of the state of Texas while you pursue your own selfish interests. Protestations about what kind of president Trump will be are baseless, given that the man has yet to serve a single day in the White House. After enduring eight years of Barack Obama’s Leftist “transformation,” you have no right to subject the country to the possibility of four more under another Clinton regime. You talk about Trump destroying the country? What do you think another four or eight years of Clinton would do to our republic you claim to love so much?

Do your duty, Mr. Suprun. Cast your ballot according to the will of the people of Texas, not your own. That’s what service truly means.

Donald J. Trump deserves the opportunity to be president because he earned it – just as Clinton would have had she won.


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