Why doesn’t Loretta Lynch ‘guarantee’ the civil rights of Trump supporters?

Wednesday, July 13, 2016 by

(Freedom.news) Every time President Obama or one his sycophantic appointees open their mouths, nothing spews from it except hypocrisy. Add Attorney General Loretta Lynch to that list.

The once-respected former New York-based U.S. district attorney has been transformed from a prosecutor both sides of the political aisle could trust into another cog in the Left’s massive and growing propaganda machine.

In recent days we’ve had to listen to her, along with Obama, lecture the country once more about how unfair it is to be black in America, how racist cops are, and how white people are to blame for everything that ails modern society – and how guns are a problem. This, even on the heels of five Dallas police officers who gave their lives protecting mostly people of color who were there to protest the police. You can’t make up this kind of irony.

Commenting to the press following the shootings Lynch, like Obama before her, made the usual and obligatory statements about how violence is never the answer, how important the police are and how ‘hearts are heavy today’ and yada, yada, yada. But rather than stop there, she made sure she went the extra mile to console the protestors, none of whom lost their lives on Dallas streets or were targeted by the piece-of-garbage terrorist who fired on cops.

As reported by Breitbart.com:

Lynch repeatedly appeared to praise Black Lives Matter, though not by name, and encouraged black racial activists to continue demonstrating against police. “To those who seek to improve our country, through peaceful protest and protected speech, I want you to know that your voice is important. Do not be discouraged by those who would use your lawful actions as a cover for their heinous violence,” she continued. 

“We will continue to safeguard your constitutional rights and to work with you in the difficult mission of building a better nation and a brighter future. And to all Americans, I ask you, I implore you: Do not let this week precipitate a new normal in this country. I ask you to turn to each other, not against each other as we move forward.”

“And above all, we must reject the easy impulses of bitterness and rancor, and embrace the difficult work, but the important work, the vital work, of finding a path forward together. And above everything, we must remind ourselves that we are all Americans. And as Americans, we share not just a common land, but a common life. Not just common goals, but a common heart and soul.”

Lynch also promised federal intrusion – er, a federal “civil rights investigation” – into police shootings in Lousiana and Minnesota, two events that the Dallas terrorist said motivated him to kill (which is BS; he had all kinds of weapons, ammunition, bomb-making materials and plans in his apartment, so he’d been planning something for quite some time).

Lynch has the temerity to claim she and her boss are not responsible for the largely black-oriented hatred and violence toward cops, white ones in particular.

One has to ask, with so much encouragement and guarantees of constitutional protection offers to BLM protestors, where has Lynch – and Obama – been as supporters of presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald J. Trump have been threatened, attacked and beaten at his campaign events?

We’ll tell you where they’ve been – in their bully pulpits, blaming Trump supporters for their own assaults. Because, you know, Republicans.

Lynch has gone from a respected member of the Judicial Branch to a disgrace. That she has the temerity to claim she and her boss are not responsible for the largely black-oriented hatred and violence toward cops, white ones in particular, would be laughable were it not so serious. When ‘official/non-official’ sentiment in the White House is that those on one side of issue are always right while those on the other side are always wrong, there are deadly consequences, as we have seen. And this sentiment won’t change in a Hillary Clinton administration, as she has made clear.

This has to stop. Americans – black, white, brown, yellow, red – have to come together in unity against the Left’s divisiveness, or we’ll wind up tearing ourselves apart. We can begin the healing process now, but we can ensure success by throwing these clones of Che Guevara out of the people’s house in November.

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