Colorado consumers are fighting government regulators on the 16% THC-cap to keep weed strong

Thursday, July 07, 2016 by

Expecting the government to stay out of the business of United States citizens is like expecting a fish to survive on dry land. You may really, really, really want it to happen, but there’s virtually zero chance that it actually will.

Look no further than Colorado for recent proof of this, as the government is looking to regulate marijuana strains that are deemed “too strong.” Titled Amendment 139, the proposed ballot looks to limit THC levels to no higher than 16%. The current average is 17%, with many strains containing significantly more THC than that. If the government has their way, a large amount of strains will be outlawed, which would negatively effect the cannabis industry in Colorado.

This is the equivalent of banning alcohol products that are above a certain alcohol by volume. It’s not going to work and you’re going to be left with a bunch of people who are consuming more and more in order to feel the same effects that would normally be achieved from one strain with a stronger potency. Leave it to the incompetent government to believe that there’s a chance of this having their intended effect.

Thankfully, the Colorado Health Research Council (CHRC) is actively combating these attempts. The organization claims to be “a coalition of cannabis patients, caregivers, scientists, cannabis industry leaders, the business community and ordinary citizens,” and are looking to prevent government intervention in the cannabis industry. At a time when it seems like big business and the government are one and the same, it’s relieving that there are some true patriots out there.

The whole situation is disheartening for logical, freedom-loving Americans out there. After all, cannabis has numerous health and economic benefits — especially hemp products — and should not be outlawed at all, in the slightest, under any circumstances.

This is yet another example of the government wanting complete control of the American people. We can’t allow that to happen.



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