Prominent tax protester Irwin Schiff died under federal custody

Thursday, January 07, 2016 by

Irwin Schiff, posthumously referred to by Forbes as the “grandfather of the contemporary tax protest movement,” died in federal custody recently, shackled to a hospital bed and isolated from the rest of his family.

Schiff is known to be one of the most popular tax protesters in the U.S., whose staunch opposition to federal income tax led to his incarceration, under a life sentence that essentially amounted to a “death sentence.”

Peter Schiff, in a tribute to his father, detailed how the latter was unjustly treated by the government’s justice system. In his final days, the elder Schiff suffered from cancer that went undiagnosed and untreated under custody. The government promised to give him access to better medical facilities in Indiana, and eventually in Texas, where he had to suffer far from his family in New York. These facilities, however, proved to be ineffective, as Schiff’s condition worsened, eventually leading to his death.

As narrated by his son Peter, Irwin Schiff continued to hold on to his convictions until his dying breath. And whether or not you agree with his views, the fact remains that his numerous contributions to the Federal Income Tax discourse will continue to live on.



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